2015 Honorees
Grand Marshal Daniel M. Corcoran
Irish Mother Patricia Hollywood
Parade Co Chairs Fr. Bob Begin
Parade Co Chair Maire O'Leary Manning

2015 Honorees
Daniel M. Corocaroan
2015 Grand Marshal

     Dan Corcoran was born in Toledo, Ohio to Harold and Martha Corcoran. Although he was raised in an Irish Catholic family, Dan did not become actively involved in the Irish Community until moving to Columbus. In 1972, he joined the Shamrock Club where he volunteered in many club activities. He started the Shamrock Club's Library. Dan volunteered as a Parade Marshal for the Columbus St. Patrick's Day Parade. He was instrumental in bringing the first Irish Dance school to Columbus so his daughters could participate in this aspect of Irish Culture.
   In his professional career, Dan worked  for the "phone company"-Ohio Bell, Western Electric and AT & T. In 1975, he was transferred to the Cleveland area. Upon arriving in the Cleveland area, Dan enrolled his daughters in the Burke School of Irish Dance. At the Burke School, Dan met Sean Boland who encouraged him to become active in the Greater Cleveland Feis Society, He was appointed as the first At- Large member, served as Treasurer and President of the Greater Cleveland Feis Society. Every Memorial Weekend, Dan used his talents to set up and manage the communications system along with setting up and taking down the stages. In the late 1980's, Dan served as the Registrar for the North American Feis Commission, where he was responsible for the registration and scheduling of all Feisanna in the United States and Canada.
     In 1980, the Feis Society appointed Dan as a delegate to the United Irish Societies; the St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee. For 25 years, he was the Chair of the Parade Pin Fundraiser. In 1993, he was appointed Deputy Director and in 2007 elected as the Executive Director.
     Along with the United Irish Societies and the Feis Society, Dan is a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Gaelic Society,  charter member of the Irish Heritage Club,  and the West Side Irish American Club. He has served in leadership positions as a Board Member and Membership Director at the Irish Heritage Club. Currently, Dan is serving as the Secretary for the Boland Berry Division of the Ancient Order of Hibernians.
     Dan and his wife Diana have been married for  52 years. They are the proud parents of 2 daughters; Chris and Shannon and the proud grandparents of Bridget and Alexander. The Corcorans live in Bay Village. Dan serves his parish of St.Raphael's as a Eucharistic Minister.
     Dan Corcoran is proud of his Irish American Heritage. The United Irish Societies are honored to select Dan Corcoran as the 2015 Grand Marshal of the Cleveland's St. Patrick's Day Parade.

 Patricia Hollywood
2015 Irish Mother of the Year

     Patricia Doherty Hollywood is a native of Ardara, Co. Donegal. She emigrated to Cleveland at the age of 18 and began working in a Travel Agency which developed into a lifelong career. Pat returned to Ireland in 1969 to manage an American based Travel company with offices in Dublin, Limerick and Glasgow, Scotland.  
     In 1973, she married Ray Hollywood.  In 1986, the Hollywoods journeyed back to the Cleveland area and made their home. They are the proud parents of 3; Mark, Claire and Bronagh and the proud grandparents of Ava, Liam, Declan and John.
   Pat has been active int the Travel Industry for over 35 years. She has developed special relationships with the Irish Tourist Board, A Lingus and CIE. Pat owns and operates the Travel Connection which specializes in travel to Ireland. She continues to keep her heritage alive by actively participating in the Irish Community. Pat understands why so many people have developed such a affinity for Ireland and was quoted in Travel Weekly Magazine " The Irish are very happy to see visitors in their country". As past President of the Irish Travel Agents Association she added, "I'm really passionate about Ireland. Visitors can expect a first rate all around experience in terms of food, scenery, music and people. Ireland truly is the Emerald Isle".
     As an active supporter of all Cleveland's Irish clubs, Pat frequently donates tickets to Ireland and elsewhere for worthy causes. Her genuine concern for others is most appreciated during the countless times she has been called upon to assist in travel emergencies. Despite a demanding work schedule, Pat has always made time to volunteer for various causes including the Irish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Fundraising Committees for schools, Church and local benefits. 
     Pat is truly a great Irish Woman and the United Irish Societies are honored to have her as the 2015 Irish Mother of the Year

 Maire O'Leary Manning
2015 St. Patrick's Day Parade  Inside Co-Chair

     Maire O'Leary Manning is the oldest child of Alphonsus and Mary Celine McNamara O'Leary.She attended St. Vincent De Paul Grade School and is a graduate of St. Joseph Academy. Maire is married to Rich Manning and they are the proud parents of Maureen.
     Maire has been an active member of the Irish Community her entire life. She is a member of the following organizations: Cleveland Ceili Club, Cleveland Branch of Comhaltas, Gaelic Society, Irish American Club East Side,Irish Dance Teachers Association of North America, Irish Dance Teachers of Mid America, Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, and the West Side Irish American Club. As a young adult, Maire played Camogie with the Emerald Camogie Club. She served as Secretary to the National Camogie Board  an was named Honorary President in the 1980s. 
    Maire has a lifelong love of Irish dance. She is registered as an TCRG Irish Dance Teacher  by AnCoimsian. 
Her love of Irish Dancing was shared with the many children she taught at the O'Leary Manning School  Maire is currently teaching Ceile dancing at the West Side Irish American Club. At the 2012 Midwest Oireachtas , Maire was honored fro 25 years of dedicated service of promoting Irish Dance.
     Maire has been a Hibernian for over 25 years and received the Degrees of the Order in 1994. She has served the order in many offices on the Division and State levels. Maire is  currently the Vice President of the Ohio State Board and Co-Director of the Ohio Degree Team. 
     Maire is a delegate to the United Irish Societies. It is fitting that Maire should be selected as Co-Chair for the  St. Patrick's Day Parade. Maire has marched in the parade with the West Sid4 Irish American Club most of her live as a Majorette and a member of the award winning Ladies Drill Team.

 Fr. Bob Begin
2015 St. Patrick's Day Parade Outside Co-Chair

     Fr. Bob has many accomplishment in his career,especially noteworthy are his assistance in beginning the West Side Catholic Center, St. Herman's House of Hospitality, Templum House for Homeless and Battered Women. Casa San Jose for Refugees from Central America, the AIDS Housing Council and the Free Hot Meal Program.
     In addition to his Pastoral duties, Fr Bob attended Law School and served on many Diocesan Committees. He  recently retired as Pastor of St. Colman's having served for 20 years. He was very instrumental in leading the effort to keep St. Colman open. It is Fr. Bob's mission to keep St. Colman open for all immigrants and people who need solace. This mission was started by the founders of St. Colman who were Irish immigrants led by Fr. Eugene O'Callahan. Fr. Bob believes that St. Colman's should be a place of Celebration and he invites all to celebrate whether it be a Wedding, Funeral or  the Annual St. Patrick's Day Mass for the West Side Irish American Club.
   Fr. Bob Begin has dedicated his life's work to serve the people of Cleveland, St. Colman Parish and anyone whom he meets. He represents the best example of the mission of St. Patrick.

Past Honorees

  • 1958
    • Grand Marshal - John J. O'Malley*
  • 1959
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick J. O'Malley*
  • 1960
    • Grand Marshal - John T. English*
    • Outside Co-Chair - William F. Chambers*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Raymond J. Reilly*
  • 1961
    • Grand Marshal - William J. Cannon*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James P. Conway*
    • Inside Co-Chair - William T. Monroe
  • 1962
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas E. McDonald*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James J. Lynch*
    • Inside Co-Chair - James M. Lynch*
  • 1963
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick T. Lynch*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Celia Carney*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James T. Kilbane*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Joseph P. Rochford*
  • 1964
    • Grand Marshal - Michael McGlynn*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Margaret Spellacy*
    • Outside Co-Chair - William F. Sweeney
    • Inside Co-Chair - Martin J. Cooney*
  • 1965
    • Grand Marshal - Arthur McChrystal*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Agnes Chambers*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James T. Breslin*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Augustine Boland*
  • 1966
    • Grand Marshal - James T. Kilbane*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Margaret Browne*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Ignatius E. McIntyre*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Mary V. McNeeley*
  • 1967
    • Grand Marshal - James M. Lynch*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Catherine Kline*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Daniel L. Berry*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Mary E. Reynolds*
  • 1968
    • Grand Marshal - John E. Ryan*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bridget Boland*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Thomas J. Barrett, MD*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Eamon D'Arcy*
  • 1969
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas Scott*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Elizabeth Kenny*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Hon. Michael A. Sweeney*
    • Inside Co-Chair - James E. Murray*
  • 1970
    • Grand Marshal - James J. Boland*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bernadette Murphy*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Thomas Coughlin*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Thomas Byrne*
  • 1971
    • Grand Marshal - Michael B. Comer*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anna Esther Kilbane*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Thomas F. Campbell, PhD*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Mary B. Cook
  • 1972
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick T. Duffy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Beatrice Lynch*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Canon Liam J. Kitt
    • Inside Co-Chair - Patrick J. O'Malley*
  • 1973
    • Grand Marshal - Hon. George J. McMonagle*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Reynolds*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James B. Mooney
    • Inside Co-Chair - Patrick W. O'Malley*
  • 1974
    • Grand Marshal - John P. McNea*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anna Sweeney*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James W. McGorray*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Ralph Connor*
  • 1975
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick J. Byrnes*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anna Rita Kilbane*
    • Outside Co-Chair - William J. Kiernan*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Oliver E. Murphy*
  • 1976
    • Grand Marshal - James M. Carney*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Delia McIntyre*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Patrick J. Gallagher*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Edward J. Campbell*
  • 1977
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas F. McManamon Sr.
    • Outside Co-Chair - Peter D. Corrigan, MD*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Frank M. Sheehan*
  • 1978
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick J. McGeever*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Delia Gibbons*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John J. Gill
    • Inside Co-Chair - Maura Dowdall
  • 1979
    • Grand Marshal - Bryan Kilbane (In Memoriam)*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Loretta Prendergast*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James P. Reynolds*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Margaret Mylett
  • 1980
    • Grand Marshal - Oliver E. Murphy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Howard O'Malley*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Hon. Ann McManamon
    • Inside Co-Chair - Thomas J. Reynolds
  • 1981
    • Grand Marshal - Canon Liam J. Kitt
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Nora Hastings*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Hon. John V. Corrigan*
    • Inside Co-Chair - John Coyne*
  • 1982
    • Grand Marshal - Martin L. McLaughlin*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Beatrice McIntyre*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John P. Coyne
    • Inside Co-Chair - Michael G. Lavelle*
  • 1983
    • Grand Marshal - Michael McGarry*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anne Grey*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Terrence Joyce*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Edmund P. Byrne*
  • 1984
    • Grand Marshal - John T. Patton Sr.*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Terese Hurley
    • Outside Co-Chair - Leo P. D'Arcy
    • Inside Co-Chair - Deneen C. O'Reilly
  • 1985
    • Grand Marshal - John O'Neill*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Ursula Lynch*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John O'Brien
    • Inside Co-Chair - Patrick T. Murphy
  • 1986
    • Grand Marshal - Michael Roddy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary O'Neill*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Kevin W. Reynolds
    • Inside Co-Chair - Eileen A. Reynolds
  • 1987
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas McCaffrey*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Hanna Byrnes*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John F. McGarry
    • Inside Co-Chair - Daniel M. Corcoran
  • 1988
    • Grand Marshal - Owen R. Quinn*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bridget Birney*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Richard A. Walton
    • Inside Co-Chair - Walter J. McNally
  • 1989
    • Grand Marshal - Hon. Gerald T. McFaul
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Angela Kerrigan*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Roger S. Weist
    • Inside Co-Chair - Stephen L.. Mulloy*
  • 1990
    • Grand Marshal - James P. Reynolds*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Noreen Garriga
    • Outside Co-Chair - Sean Anthony Boland*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Margaret A. Lackey
  • 1991
    • Grand Marshal - John B. Quinn*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Kathleen Cooney*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Thomas O'Neill*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Peter B. Hannon
  • 1992
    • Grand Marshal - Terry Joyce*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bette Berry
    • Outside Co-Chair - John Togher
    • Inside Co-Chair - Robert E. Hearns*
  • 1993
    • Grand Marshal - Alphonsus O'Leary
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Julia Burke*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Helen C. Malloy
    • Inside Co-Chair - Thomas J. Ross*
  • 1994
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas Byrne*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Nora Jordan
    • Outside Co-Chair - John J. Hennessy*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Marilyn Madigan
  • 1995
    • Grand Marshal - Edward Campbell*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Pauline Gallagher*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Paul Gallagher*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Rita Lally
  • 1996
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas Ross*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Eileen Hennessy*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John Campbell*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Toby Haffey*
  • 1997
    • Grand Marshal - Joseph Boland*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Celine O'Leary
    • Outside Co-Chair - Dennis Dunn*
    • Inside Co-Chair - James Kilbane
  • 1998
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick T. Kilbane
    • Irish Mother of the Year - May Moore Keenan
    • Outside Co-Chair - Sr. Maureen Burke SND
    • Inside Co-Chair - Bonnie K. McNally
  • 1999
    • Grand Marshal - Raymond "Rip" Reilly*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Kilbane
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. J. Brendan McNulty
    • Inside Co-Chair - John Togher
  • 2000
    • Grand Marshal - William Chambers*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Nora Carr*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James McGuirk
    • Inside Co-Chair - Linda Carney
  • 2001
    • Grand Marshal - Lonnie McCauley*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Sara McLaughlin
    • Outside Co-Chair - Bridget Boland*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Bridie Joyce
  • 2002
    • Grand Marshal - Frank Sheehan*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Hastings-McCluskey
    • Outside Co-Chair - Pat Dowd
    • Inside Co-Chair - Tom Kilbane
  • 2003
    • Grand Marshal - Eamonn D'Arcy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary O'Donnell Hayes
    • Outside Co-Chair - Harry Simon*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Rasa M. Chambers
  • 2004
    • Grand Marshal - James Patrick Caffrey*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anne O'Donnell Mulloy
    • Outside Co-Chair - Nell Buckley
    • Inside Co-Chair - Frank Hoban
  • 2005
    • Grand Marshal - Helen Malloy
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Patricia Campbell*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Kevin McGinty
    • Inside Co-Chair - Linda Hannon
  • 2006
    • Grand Marshal - Bill Carney
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Joan Cavanaugh*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Gerald Quinn
    • Inside Co-Chair - Ed Morrow
  • 2007
    • Grand Marshal - Stephen L. Mulloy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Ellen Boland
    • Outside Co-Chair - Kathy Whitford
    • Inside Co-Chair - Mary Alice Fitzgerald
  • 2008
    • Grand Marshal - John Campbell*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Kathleen Hough
    • Outside Co-Chair - Norine Hastings
    • Inside Co-Chair - Michael Keenan
  • 2009
    • Grand Marshal - Tom Reynolds
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Shirley Chambers
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. James P. O'Donnell
    • Inside Co-Chair - Maire Leffel
  • 2010
    • Grand Marshal - John Hayes*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bonnie McNally
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. Thomas Johns
    • Inside Co-Chair - Shannon Corcoran
  • 2011
    • Grand Marshal - Gerry Quinn
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Kathleen Lackey Sheehan
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. Thomas Mahoney
    • Inside Co-Chair - Sheila Murphy Crawford
  • 2012
    • Grand Marshal - Walter J. "Mickey" McNally
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Vera Casey
    • Outside Co-Chair - William G. Chambers
    • Inside Co-Chair - Una O'Leary Escolas
  • 2013
    • Grand Marshal - Kevin McGinty
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Una Ellis
    • Outside Co-Chair - Daniel B. Chambers
    • Inside Co-Chair - Timothy Leahy
  • 2014
    • Grand Marshal  - Andy Dever
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bridie Joyce
    • Outside Co-Chair - Mark Owens
    • Inside Co-Chair -  John O'Brien Jr