2019 Honorees

Grand Marshal - William "Bill" Homan

Irish Mother of the Year - Eileen Kilroy

Inside Co-Chair - Patti Maher Hanrahan

Outside Co-Chair - Sr. Corita Ambro

2019 Honorees

William "Bill" Homan
2019 Grand Marshal

Bill Homan was born to parents Hope & Charles Homan in Cleveland, both representing families from Cork and Mayo.  He is a graduate of St. Ignatius High School and Cleveland State University.  He married his wife Patricia, daughter of Irish born parents Nora and John Corcoran in 1977, and have three children:  Heather, John and Erin.

Bill is a member of numerous Irish organizations in the Cleveland area. Most notably, he is active Charter Member #10 of the Irish American Club – East Side. As a founding member of the Irish American Club – East Side, he served as President (1980-1982); and organized a committee to acquire a permanent home for the club in 1981, which is still their home today.  Throughout the years he served in several board positions and chaired numerous committees and events.  In 1988, he was honored as the Lake County Irishman of the Year; and in 1999 was honored as the Irish American Club – East Side Member of the Year.

Bill is a long-time member of the West Side Irish American Club and the former Irish Heritage Club.  He has served on the board of The Mayo Society and the Irish American Archives Society.

Along with his dedication to his Irish heritage, he is also a dedicated Catholic.  Bill is not only a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians Bluestone Division (formerly the Western Reserve Division where he served as President); he is also a member of the Holy Name Society of his parish, St. Justin Martyr in Eastlake, where you can find him at Holy Hour every Wednesday evening and at Mass on Sundays.  In 2000, he was named Man of the Year by St. Justin Martyr.

Bill has also been a long-time supporter of the United Irish Societies, the Padraic Pearse Center, the Irish National Caucus, the Cleveland Feis Society, and many of the Irish festivals.

Eileen Kilroy
2019 Irish Mother of the Year

Eileen Kilroy’s life journey makes her an excellent honoree as the 2019 Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day Parade’s Irish Mother of the Year.  Eileen has always instilled the values of family, Irish heritage and Catholic faith into her children and grandchildren.  Her upbringing and life experiences have been the source of the energy she shares with her family and the larger Cleveland Irish community.

Eileen was born in 1937 in Cleveland, Ohio.  Her father was Patrick McGurk of County Tyrone and her mother was Teresa McGurk (nee O’Donnell).  She and her two brothers were raised in the house where she continues to live today.  Eileen attended Blessed Sacrament Elementary School and Lourdes Academy.  She marched with the West Side Irish American Club Drill Team in the 1950s and 1960s and was the club Secretary for a time.

At a time when few women traveled alone, she took a one week boat trip across the Atlantic to Ireland in 1957, visited with her father’s family in Tyrone, and stayed in the cottage where he grew up.  While there, she became more aware of her father’s experience in the 1920s fighting for Irish freedom, and has immersed herself in the history of that struggle ever since.

Eileen met Patrick Kilroy from County Mayo at a West Side Irish American Club dance.  They married in 1965, and honeymooned and worked in London for a period of time.  Eileen and Patrick had five sons and two daughters:  Patrick, Dominic, Martin, Julia, Joseph, Stephen and Kathleen.  She is very proud that all seven of her children attended Blessed Sacrament, went to Catholic high school, and all seven have college degrees.

Eileen encouraged her children to participate in all activities, especially music, dance and history.  They took Irish music lessons with Tom Hastings.  They were also enrolled in dance lessons, and were inspired by Tom McCaffery, Tom Byrnes and Al O’Leary.  From that persistent exposure, her children grew to love traditional Irish music and dance.  Tom Hastings was instrumental in organizing and managing the effort of “The Kilroy Ceili Band”.  Eileen’s energy and persistence have been instrumental in making “The Kilroy Ceili Band” an integral part of the Irish traditional music community in Cleveland.  Additionally, three of her children danced with the Peggy Cannon School of Irish Dance.  All of her children followed in Eileen’s footsteps, and marched with the West Side Irish American Club growing up, and today several of her grandchildren do the same.

Eileen has volunteered for the Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival over the years.  Today, she volunteers at the Franklin Plaza Nursing Home and Cleveland Food Bank.  She is a member of St. Patrick’s Parish (Bridge Avenue) since the closing of Blessed Sacrament in 2010.  Eileen is also an avid seamstress and knitter; and continues to participate in ceili dance activities.  She also teaches two of her grandchildren to play music and/or Irish dance.  Her grandchildren are as influenced by her enthusiasm for their Irish heritage and music as her own children were – and continue to be.

Patti Maher Hanrahan
2019 Inside Co-Chair

Patti Maher Hanrahan is the daughter of Jack and Maggie (O’Boyle) Maher.  She has two brothers, John (deceased) and Dennis (Cindy).  Patti grew up in West Park, attending St. Patrick (West Park) Elementary School.  She continued her education at St. Augustine Academy, Miami University and Cleveland State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Psychology degree.  Patti has a very rewarding career as a Volunteer Service Manager at Ames Family Hospice House/Hospice of the Western Reserve.

Patti has been married to her wonderful husband Tim for 33 years.  Tim is retired from the Boilermakers Local 744.  He is currently a Trustee on the Board for the West Side Irish American Club (WSIAC). Patti and Tim have three adult children: Meghan, Patrick and Tim.  All three of them have graduated from Ohio University, which makes their parents extremely proud. They have all participated in the Parade marching units of the WSIAC.  Meghan and Tim were also active with the Leneghan Academy of Irish Dance.

Patti has been the Coach of the WSIAC Pom Pom unit for the last 38 years.  Although she began to work with a small group, Patti can now say that she has touched the lives of hundreds of girls.  She has helped to give them memories that she hopes they cherish.  They also discuss Irish history and trivia at the beginning of each practice.  In laying the groundwork for the future of this unit, daughter Meghan has eagerly joined her Mom as an Assistant Coach of the Pom Poms.  In addition to coaching, Patti has been involved in many volunteer activities at the WSIAC, including bartending, working at boxty dinners, planning children’s parties and helping to organize the Jr. Marching Units Exhibition.  Patti was thrilled when she was honored as the WSIAC 2012 Woman of the Year.

Patti has been a delegate to the United Irish Societies since 2000, representing the West Side Irish American Club.  In this role, she has been active in the planning and execution of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Banquet.  In addition, she was a member of the Committee that drafted the guidelines for the UIS Honorees.  She also participated on the original committee for the Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival, to which she has returned as a volunteer.

Community involvement is very important to Patti.  She is a volunteer with the children at the House of Champions, which is affiliated with Urban Community School and Metro Catholic.  She is also an ardent supporter of Malachi House.  She has been active as an officer and committee chairperson of the many organizations of which her children have belonged.

Starting in childhood, Patti’s parents instilled in her a love for all things Irish.  Her Irish heritage is a very important aspect of her life, which she and Tim have proudly shared with their children.  The Hanrahan family was thrilled to be able to travel to Ireland together in 2017.  The entire family will be enjoying the events and activities that are associated with the honor of Patti being chosen as the 2019 UIS Co-Chair.

Sr. Corita Ambro
2019 Outside Co-Chair

Sr. Corita Ambro was born in Olmsted Falls.  She attended St. Joseph Academy, St. John College and Kent State University.  She also attended Canisius College in Buffalo, where she studied American Sign Language and obtained her Master’s Degree.

Sr. Corita is a member of the Congregation of St. Joseph.  She began her career by teaching in Catholic schools for 15 years.  Then she was assigned to St. Augustine Church and Hunger Center in Tremont.  She developed the Hunger Center to its current capacity of providing three meals per day, every day of the year, to anyone who is in need.  She not only helped to prepare the meals, but she served them too, with a hug, some encouragement and lots of hope.  She directed patrons to detox and drug treatment, housing, clothing and other personal needs.  In addition, over the years, she has helped to raise many children at the convent.

In her close work with the deaf community, Sr. Corita established a choir and a senior citizens group.  She was also instrumental in establishing special liturgies for those parishioners who are blind.

In her few moments of free time, Sr. Corita is a devoted fan of both the Cleveland Indians and the Cleveland Browns.  Although she recently retired after 45 years at the Hunger Center, Sr. Corita will continue to work with others by visiting the sick and the elderly.

Past Honorees

  • 1958
    • Grand Marshal - John J. O'Malley*
  • 1959
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick J. O'Malley*
  • 1960
    • Grand Marshal - John T. English*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Raymond J. Reilly*
    • Outside Co-Chair - William F. Chambers*
  • 1961
    • Grand Marshal - William J. Cannon*
    • Inside Co-Chair - William T. Monroe
    • Outside Co-Chair - James P. Conway*
  • 1962
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas E. McDonald*
    • Inside Co-Chair - James M. Lynch*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James J. Lynch*
  • 1963
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick T. Lynch*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Celia Carney*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Joseph P. Rochford*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James T. Kilbane*
  • 1964
    • Grand Marshal - Michael McGlynn*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Margaret Spellacy*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Martin J. Cooney*
    • Outside Co-Chair - William F. Sweeney
  • 1965
    • Grand Marshal - Arthur McChrystal*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Agnes Chambers*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Augustine Boland*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James T. Breslin*
  • 1966
    • Grand Marshal - James T. Kilbane*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Margaret Browne*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Mary V. McNeeley*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Ignatius E. McIntyre*
  • 1967
    • Grand Marshal - James M. Lynch*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Catherine Kline*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Mary E. Reynolds*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Daniel L. Berry*
  • 1968
    • Grand Marshal - John E. Ryan*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bridget Boland*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Eamon D'Arcy*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Thomas J. Barrett, MD*
  • 1969
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas Scott*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Elizabeth Kenny*
    • Inside Co-Chair - James E. Murray*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Hon. Michael A. Sweeney*
  • 1970
    • Grand Marshal - James J. Boland*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bernadette Murphy*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Thomas Byrne*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Thomas Coughlin*
  • 1971
    • Grand Marshal - Michael B. Comer*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anna Esther Kilbane*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Mary B. Cook
    • Outside Co-Chair - Thomas F. Campbell, PhD*
  • 1972
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick T. Duffy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Beatrice Lynch*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Patrick J. O'Malley*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Canon Liam J. Kitt*
  • 1973
    • Grand Marshal - Hon. George J. McMonagle*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Reynolds*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Patrick W. O'Malley*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James B. Mooney
  • 1974
    • Grand Marshal - John P. McNea*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anna Sweeney*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Ralph Connor*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James W. McGorray*
  • 1975
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick J. Byrnes*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anna Rita Kilbane*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Oliver E. Murphy*
    • Outside Co-Chair - William J. Kiernan*
  • 1976
    • Grand Marshal - James M. Carney*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Delia McIntyre*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Edward J. Campbell*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Patrick J. Gallagher*
  • 1977
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas F. McManamon Sr.
    • Outside Co-Chair - Peter D. Corrigan, MD*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Frank M. Sheehan*
  • 1978
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick J. McGeever*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Delia Gibbons*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Maura Dowdall
    • Outside Co-Chair - John J. Gill
  • 1979
    • Grand Marshal - Bryan Kilbane (In Memoriam)*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Loretta Prendergast*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Margaret Mylett
    • Outside Co-Chair - James P. Reynolds*
  • 1980
    • Grand Marshal - Oliver E. Murphy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Howard O'Malley*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Thomas J. Reynolds*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Hon. Ann McManamon
  • 1981
    • Grand Marshal - Canon Liam J. Kitt*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Nora Hastings*
    • Inside Co-Chair - John Coyne*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Hon. John V. Corrigan*
  • 1982
    • Grand Marshal - Martin L. McLaughlin*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Beatrice McIntyre*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Michael G. Lavelle*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John P. Coyne
  • 1983
    • Grand Marshal - Michael McGarry*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anne Grey*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Edmund P. Byrne*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Terrence Joyce*
  • 1984
    • Grand Marshal - John T. Patton Sr.*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Terese Hurley*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Deneen C. O'Reilly
    • Outside Co-Chair - Leo P. D'Arcy
  • 1985
    • Grand Marshal - John O'Neill*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Ursula Lynch*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Patrick T. Murphy
    • Outside Co-Chair - John O'Brien
  • 1986
    • Grand Marshal - Michael Roddy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary O'Neill*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Eileen A. Reynolds
    • Outside Co-Chair - Kevin W. Reynolds
  • 1987
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas McCaffrey*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Hanna Byrnes*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Daniel M. Corcoran*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John F. McGarry
  • 1988
    • Grand Marshal - Owen R. Quinn*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bridget Birney*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Walter J. McNally
    • Outside Co-Chair - Richard A. Walton
  • 1989
    • Grand Marshal - Hon. Gerald T. McFaul
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Angela Kerrigan*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Stephen L. Mulloy*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Roger S. Weist*
  • 1990
    • Grand Marshal - James P. Reynolds*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Noreen Garriga
    • Inside Co-Chair - Margaret A. Lackey
    • Outside Co-Chair - Sean Anthony Boland*
  • 1991
    • Grand Marshal - John B. Quinn*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Kathleen Cooney*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Peter B. Hannon
    • Outside Co-Chair - Thomas O'Neill*
  • 1992
    • Grand Marshal - Terry Joyce*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bette Berry
    • Inside Co-Chair - Robert E. Hearns*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John Togher
  • 1993
    • Grand Marshal - Alphonsus O'Leary
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Julia Burke*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Thomas J. Ross*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Helen C. Malloy
  • 1994
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas Byrne*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Nora Jordan*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Marilyn Madigan
    • Outside Co-Chair - John J. Hennessy*
  • 1995
    • Grand Marshal - Edward Campbell*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Pauline Gallagher*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Rita Lally
    • Outside Co-Chair - Paul Gallagher*
  • 1996
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas Ross*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Eileen Hennessy*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Toby Haffey*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John Campbell*
  • 1997
    • Grand Marshal - Joseph Boland*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Celine O'Leary
    • Inside Co-Chair - James Kilbane
    • Outside Co-Chair - Dennis Dunn*
  • 1998
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick T. Kilbane*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mae Moore Keenan*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Bonnie K. McNally
    • Outside Co-Chair - Sr. Maureen Burke SND
  • 1999
    • Grand Marshal - Raymond "Rip" Reilly*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Kilbane*
    • Inside Co-Chair - John Togher
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. J. Brendan McNulty
  • 2000
    • Grand Marshal - William Chambers*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Nora Carr*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Linda Carney
    • Outside Co-Chair - James McGuirk
  • 2001
    • Grand Marshal - Lonnie McCauley*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Sara McLaughlin
    • Inside Co-Chair - Bridie Joyce
    • Outside Co-Chair - Bridget Boland*
  • 2002
    • Grand Marshal - Frank Sheehan*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Hastings-McCluskey
    • Inside Co-Chair - Tom Kilbane
    • Outside Co-Chair - Pat Dowd
  • 2003
    • Grand Marshal - Eamonn D'Arcy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary O'Donnell Hayes*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Rasa M. Chambers
    • Outside Co-Chair - Harry Simon*
  • 2004
    • Grand Marshal - James Patrick Caffrey*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anne O'Donnell Mulloy*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Frank Hoban*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Nell Buckley
  • 2005
    • Grand Marshal - Helen Malloy
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Patricia Campbell*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Linda Hannon
    • Outside Co-Chair - Kevin McGinty*
  • 2006
    • Grand Marshal - Bill Carney*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Joan Cavanaugh*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Ed Morrow
    • Outside Co-Chair - Gerald Quinn
  • 2007
    • Grand Marshal - Stephen L. Mulloy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Ellen Boland
    • Inside Co-Chair - Mary Alice Fitzgerald
    • Outside Co-Chair - Kathy Whitford
  • 2008
    • Grand Marshal - John Campbell*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Kathleen Hough
    • Inside Co-Chair - Michael Keenan
    • Outside Co-Chair - Norine Hastings
  • 2009
    • Grand Marshal - Tom Reynolds*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Shirley Chambers
    • Inside Co-Chair - Maire Leffel
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. James P. O'Donnell
  • 2010
    • Grand Marshal - John Hayes*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bonnie McNally
    • Inside Co-Chair - Shannon Corcoran
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. Thomas Johns
  • 2011
    • Grand Marshal - Gerry Quinn
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Kathleen Lackey Sheehan
    • Inside Co-Chair - Sheila Murphy Crawford
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. Thomas Mahoney
  • 2012
    • Grand Marshal - Walter J. "Mickey" McNally
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Vera Casey
    • Inside Co-Chair - Una O'Leary Escolas
    • Outside Co-Chair - William G. Chambers
  • 2013
    • Grand Marshal - Kevin McGinty*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Una Ellis*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Timothy Leahy
    • Outside Co-Chair - Daniel B. Chambers
  • 2014
    • Grand Marshal  - Andy Dever
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bridie Joyce
    • Inside Co-Chair -  John O'Brien Jr.
    • Outside Co-Chair - Mark Owens
  • 2015
    • Grand Marshal - Daniel M. Corcoran*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Patricia Hollywood
    • Inside Co-Chair - Maire O'Leary Manning
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. Bob Begin
  • 2016
    • Grand Marshal - Jack Coyne
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bridget McIntyre
    • Inside Co-Chair - John Myers
    • Outside Co-Chair - Teresa Reilly Kowalski
  • 2017
    • Grand Marshal - Roger S. Weist*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Angela Murphy*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Margaret Lynch
    • Outside Co-Chair - John Patrick Lackey
  • 2018
    • Grand Marshal - Sheila Murphy Crawford
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Joan (Hartnett) Reali
    • Inside Co-Chair - Noreen Halley
    • Outside Co-Chair - Linda Burke
      *Past Honoree Has Been Called Home