2017 Honorees

Grand Marshal - Roger S. Weist

Irish Mother of the Year - Angela Murphy

Inside Co-Chair - John Patrick Lackey

Outside Co-Chair - Margaret Lynch

2017 Honorees

Roger S. Weist

2017 Grand Marshal

Roger was born in Cleveland, Ohio on August 13, 1952, to Robert L. and Angela Stanton Weist. His father died when Roger was 4 years old. A few years later, his Mother married widower Jim Kerrigan. Jim and Angela then raised Roger along with his now 17 brothers and sisters. Roger is retired from Cleveland Municipal Court, where he served as Personal Bailiff for Judge Kathleen Ann Keaough. Currently serves as Music Director at WRUW radio, and, for the last 17 years, host of Beyond the Pale Radio on Sunday afternoon.

Roger has been an active and highly visible member of Cleveland's Irish community for over 38 years. What began as a love of Irish music, song and story developed into an activism for the promotion of the ideals of Hibernianism, and for the promotion of peace, justice, and unification of the island of Ireland. A member of the Boland/Berry Division 2, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, he has served in most offices, including Division President as well as serving the Ohio State Board including a term as State Board President. Recently Roger has been selected President of newly formed Cuyahoga County Board, Ancient Order of Hibernians.

Long a tireless campaigner for Irish Human and Civil Rights, he has been included in discussions with senior members of President Clinton's Staff, and the National Security Council. Roger led an active group of lobbyists working for legislative initiatives to support implementation of the MacBride Principles of Fair Employment for Northern Ireland. Roger was Co-founder of Ohio MacBride Principles Coalition. He was also instrumental in the introduction and passage of the Unite Ireland Resolution passed by the Cleveland City Council, one of the first cities in America to pass this effort.

Over the years Roger has held an active membership in, and participated with many organizations, Included are: Ancient Order of Hibernians; Cleveland's Great Hunger Memorial Committee; Cleveland Heritage Foundation; Gaelic Athletic Association; Greater Cleveland Feis Society; Greater Cleveland Emerald Civic Society; West Side Irish American Club; Irish American Club - East Side; Irish Northern Aid Committee; the Ohio Irish Congress, the Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival, and has spoken to countless civic and professional organizations about Irish issues and history. And in 2016 was asked to co-host, along with Tom Mulloy, the broadcast of the Cleveland St. Patrick's Day Parade on Cleveland's cable TV channel 20.

Roger's contributions to the promotion of our Irish culture, history, and traditions have been recognized by the community. In 1989 he was selected to be Co-Chairman of the Cleveland St. Patrick's Day Parade; 1990 voted Cleveland's Irish Person of the year; 2000 Hibernian of the Year; 2001 recipient Irish American Partnership Citizenship Award; 2015 awarded Commodore John Barry Award by the AOH Ohio State Board, and has also been awarded Life Membership in the Ancient Order of Hibernians.

Roger has diligently served the Ancient Order of Hibernians Boland/Berry Division 2, Cuyahoga County, Ohio in almost all of the elected and appointed offices. He served as Marshal, Standing Committee, Division Organizer; Recording Secretary; Financial Secretary; Vice President; and President. He has also served as the AOH delegate to the United Irish Societies of Greater Cleveland (St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee) for many years.

In August, 2016, Roger was elected President of the newly formed Cuyahoga County Board to help guide the two AOH Divisions in Cuyahoga County. He has also served as the AOH Ohio State President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Organizer, Chairman of Political Education; Chairman of Freedom for All Ireland Committee, and a variety of positions at the leisure of the sitting President.

Today, Roger continues his activism and promotion of all things Irish as Host/Programmer of Beyond the Pale Radio on WRUW FM 91.1, Cleveland. He truly is an example of one who lives the motto of the AOH, believing and living in "Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity".

Angela Murphy

2017 Irish Mother of the Year

Mary Angela Murphy (nee O'Dempsey) was born July 25, 1931 in Warwick, Australia to James and Teresa O'Dempsey, her mother was a Burke. Her maternal grandparents and paternal great grandparents had emigrated to Australia from Counties Tipperary and Clare.

Angela received her general nursing degree at the Brisbane General Hospital. Thereafter she completed advanced training in midwifery. As a young nurse, Angela traveled to Batchelor, about 60 miles south of Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory, to run an outpost hospital at the Rum Jungle Mining Operation. It was there that she met her husband, Thomas Murphy of Polranny, Achill Parish, County Mayo, who was a section foreman on the project.

The couple were married in Ipswich, Australia in 1957. Soon Angela left her home and family in Australia to travel the world following Tommy's work in England, Ireland and the United States. While in Ireland, Angela met her mother-in-law, Mary Murphy (nee Gallagher) who became an inspiration and role model. Mary was known to her grandchildren as "Granny Murphy", a name that Angela adopted in tribute when she had grandchildren of her own.

Angela's first four children were born in different countries: Christine in Australia; Teresa in England; Patrick in Ireland; and Immelda in the USA. The remaining four children, Mary Jo, Michael, Catherine and Margaret were all born in Cleveland. When she was pregnant with Mary Jo, Angela's brother wrote from Australia suggesting that she head to Canada to keep the streak going.

Angela is the mother of eight children. She is the "Granny" of eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. She is extremely proud that all of her children graduated with a college education. While raising her children, Angela was employed as a nurse and eventually became Director of Nurses at both Aristocrat Lakewood and the Eliza Jennings Home. There is a whole generation of Cleveland Irish nurses who started their careers when she hired them as nurses' aides at the Aristocrat Lakewood Nursing Home. Her children cite Angela's emphasis on education, reading (and competitive scrabble games), as well as her successful career, as the foundations for their own family and work lives. Her husband, Tommy, worked in construction most of his life. He retired from the Local 18 Operating Engineers and in 2015 received his 50 year pin.

Angela and Tommy became members of the West Side Irish American Club upon arriving in the United States in 1962. Angela was active in Club activities ranging from sweeping floors after dances to helping rewrite the Club's constitution. Tommy volunteered his time and expertise often, including clearing the land and replanting trees along the turnpike at what is now the Club's Olmsted Township home. He had also served as a Board Member at the Club. Angela is an avid 25 card player and one-time champion of the Club's 25 tournament. On Saint Patrick's Day 1985 she was honored as the Club's Woman of the Year, an honor she shared with her son Patrick, who was the Parade's Inside Co-Chair that year. All of her children have participated in Club activities, including many in the Saint Patrick's Day marching units.

Angela’s six daughters studied Irish dance, first under Bobby Masterson and then PJ McCafferty. Angela travelled widely through the Midwest to attend Feis competitions. Her daughter Katie studied abroad in Ireland at Saint Patrick’s College in Maynouth, County Kildare. Katie was also selected as Ohio's Mary from Dungloe in 1992 and traveled to Donegal with her parents to participate in the Mary from Dungloe International Festival. Patrick is a former Board Member of the West Side IA and has served with the United Irish Societies since 1983.

In 2004 Angela and Tommy built a home on the Murphy land in Achill and thereafter spent their summers in Ireland. Their children and grandchildren visited often, reinvigorating the family's love of, and connection to, Ireland.

In 2007 Angela and Tommy celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a mass at their Holy Trinity Parish in Avon. The mass was concelebrated by Angela's Australian nephew, Father Gerard O'Dempsey.  Tommy, her loving husband of over 58 years, passed away in January of 2016.

John Patrick Lackey

2017 Inside Co-Chair

John was born and raised near Ballyjamesduff, County Cavan, Ireland. In 1955, he came to the United States where he joined his brother and five sisters. John joined the United States Army, first stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky and then at Fort Eustis, Virginia where he served as a locomotive engineer.

John is currently an associate director of the Cleveland Cultural Festival and has been a delegate to the St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee since the mid-1980's. He joined the West Side Irish American Club shortly after his arrival in Cleveland, and has marched with the fife and drum band for many years. Currently he is part of the Tuesday maintenance group at the club, and has recently been appointed a trustee of the club.

He joined the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association when they first opened the center in Cleveland and became their first treasurer. He has marched in the parade with the Pioneers in recent years. John was an officer and member of St. Pat's Gaelic Football Club. He was also a vice president of the Greater Cleveland Feis Society.

John and his wife Eileen have three adult children, Sean, Maureen and Sheila and are proud grandparents of six grandsons. John and Eileen live in Rocky River and are members of St. Christopher's parish where he has been an usher for many years. He recently retired from the Cuyahoga County Clerk of Courts.

Margaret Lynch

2017 Outside Co-Chair

Margaret Lynch is the daughter of Thomas and Margaret Gibbons Lynch. She was raised in a strong Hibernian Family that stressed the importance of Faith, family and Irish Heritage.

Margaret was encouraged by her parents to share her talents with others. The Cleveland Irish Community has been blessed that Margaret has shared her talents as the Executive Director of the Irish American Archives.

In her role as Director, she organizes the Annual Walks of Life Dinner, and serves as the editor of the Society's Newsletter. Margaret has lectured and organized numerous educational trips around the Cleveland area to share the Irish community history. Her displays are always available to be seen every summer at various festivals.

Margaret was the driving force in the Dedication of the Johnny Kilbane Statue.

She is always willing to help with research for various organizations. During the Commemorations of 1916, Margaret worked with the LAOH on highlighting the Fenians Cleveland connection.

She is also working with the Parade Committee on the History of the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Due to her research, it was found that St. Patrick's Day will be celebrated for 175 years in 2017.

Past Honorees

  • 1958
    • Grand Marshal - John J. O'Malley*
  • 1959
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick J. O'Malley*
  • 1960
    • Grand Marshal - John T. English*
    • Outside Co-Chair - William F. Chambers*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Raymond J. Reilly*
  • 1961
    • Grand Marshal - William J. Cannon*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James P. Conway*
    • Inside Co-Chair - William T. Monroe
  • 1962
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas E. McDonald*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James J. Lynch*
    • Inside Co-Chair - James M. Lynch*
  • 1963
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick T. Lynch*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Celia Carney*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James T. Kilbane*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Joseph P. Rochford*
  • 1964
    • Grand Marshal - Michael McGlynn*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Margaret Spellacy*
    • Outside Co-Chair - William F. Sweeney
    • Inside Co-Chair - Martin J. Cooney*
  • 1965
    • Grand Marshal - Arthur McChrystal*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Agnes Chambers*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James T. Breslin*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Augustine Boland*
  • 1966
    • Grand Marshal - James T. Kilbane*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Margaret Browne*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Ignatius E. McIntyre*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Mary V. McNeeley*
  • 1967
    • Grand Marshal - James M. Lynch*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Catherine Kline*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Daniel L. Berry*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Mary E. Reynolds*
  • 1968
    • Grand Marshal - John E. Ryan*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bridget Boland*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Thomas J. Barrett, MD*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Eamon D'Arcy*
  • 1969
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas Scott*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Elizabeth Kenny*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Hon. Michael A. Sweeney*
    • Inside Co-Chair - James E. Murray*
  • 1970
    • Grand Marshal - James J. Boland*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bernadette Murphy*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Thomas Coughlin*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Thomas Byrne*
  • 1971
    • Grand Marshal - Michael B. Comer*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anna Esther Kilbane*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Thomas F. Campbell, PhD*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Mary B. Cook
  • 1972
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick T. Duffy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Beatrice Lynch*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Canon Liam J. Kitt*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Patrick J. O'Malley*
  • 1973
    • Grand Marshal - Hon. George J. McMonagle*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Reynolds*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James B. Mooney
    • Inside Co-Chair - Patrick W. O'Malley*
  • 1974
    • Grand Marshal - John P. McNea*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anna Sweeney*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James W. McGorray*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Ralph Connor*
  • 1975
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick J. Byrnes*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anna Rita Kilbane*
    • Outside Co-Chair - William J. Kiernan*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Oliver E. Murphy*
  • 1976
    • Grand Marshal - James M. Carney*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Delia McIntyre*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Patrick J. Gallagher*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Edward J. Campbell*
  • 1977
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas F. McManamon Sr.
    • Outside Co-Chair - Peter D. Corrigan, MD*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Frank M. Sheehan*
  • 1978
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick J. McGeever*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Delia Gibbons*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John J. Gill
    • Inside Co-Chair - Maura Dowdall
  • 1979
    • Grand Marshal - Bryan Kilbane (In Memoriam)*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Loretta Prendergast*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James P. Reynolds*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Margaret Mylett
  • 1980
    • Grand Marshal - Oliver E. Murphy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Howard O'Malley*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Hon. Ann McManamon
    • Inside Co-Chair - Thomas J. Reynolds*
  • 1981
    • Grand Marshal - Canon Liam J. Kitt*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Nora Hastings*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Hon. John V. Corrigan*
    • Inside Co-Chair - John Coyne*
  • 1982
    • Grand Marshal - Martin L. McLaughlin*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Beatrice McIntyre*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John P. Coyne
    • Inside Co-Chair - Michael G. Lavelle*
  • 1983
    • Grand Marshal - Michael McGarry*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anne Grey*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Terrence Joyce*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Edmund P. Byrne*
  • 1984
    • Grand Marshal - John T. Patton Sr.*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Terese Hurley
    • Outside Co-Chair - Leo P. D'Arcy
    • Inside Co-Chair - Deneen C. O'Reilly
  • 1985
    • Grand Marshal - John O'Neill*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Ursula Lynch*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John O'Brien
    • Inside Co-Chair - Patrick T. Murphy
  • 1986
    • Grand Marshal - Michael Roddy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary O'Neill*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Kevin W. Reynolds
    • Inside Co-Chair - Eileen A. Reynolds
  • 1987
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas McCaffrey*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Hanna Byrnes*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John F. McGarry
    • Inside Co-Chair - Daniel M. Corcoran*
  • 1988
    • Grand Marshal - Owen R. Quinn*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bridget Birney*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Richard A. Walton
    • Inside Co-Chair - Walter J. McNally
  • 1989
    • Grand Marshal - Hon. Gerald T. McFaul
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Angela Kerrigan*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Roger S. Weist
    • Inside Co-Chair - Stephen L. Mulloy*
  • 1990
    • Grand Marshal - James P. Reynolds*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Noreen Garriga
    • Outside Co-Chair - Sean Anthony Boland*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Margaret A. Lackey
  • 1991
    • Grand Marshal - John B. Quinn*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Kathleen Cooney*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Thomas O'Neill*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Peter B. Hannon
  • 1992
    • Grand Marshal - Terry Joyce*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bette Berry
    • Outside Co-Chair - John Togher
    • Inside Co-Chair - Robert E. Hearns*
  • 1993
    • Grand Marshal - Alphonsus O'Leary
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Julia Burke*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Helen C. Malloy
    • Inside Co-Chair - Thomas J. Ross*
  • 1994
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas Byrne*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Nora Jordan
    • Outside Co-Chair - John J. Hennessy*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Marilyn Madigan
  • 1995
    • Grand Marshal - Edward Campbell*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Pauline Gallagher*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Paul Gallagher*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Rita Lally
  • 1996
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas Ross*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Eileen Hennessy*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John Campbell*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Toby Haffey*
  • 1997
    • Grand Marshal - Joseph Boland*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Celine O'Leary
    • Outside Co-Chair - Dennis Dunn*
    • Inside Co-Chair - James Kilbane
  • 1998
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick T. Kilbane
    • Irish Mother of the Year - May Moore Keenan
    • Outside Co-Chair - Sr. Maureen Burke SND
    • Inside Co-Chair - Bonnie K. McNally
  • 1999
    • Grand Marshal - Raymond "Rip" Reilly*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Kilbane*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. J. Brendan McNulty
    • Inside Co-Chair - John Togher
  • 2000
    • Grand Marshal - William Chambers*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Nora Carr*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James McGuirk
    • Inside Co-Chair - Linda Carney
  • 2001
    • Grand Marshal - Lonnie McCauley*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Sara McLaughlin
    • Outside Co-Chair - Bridget Boland*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Bridie Joyce
  • 2002
    • Grand Marshal - Frank Sheehan*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Hastings-McCluskey
    • Outside Co-Chair - Pat Dowd
    • Inside Co-Chair - Tom Kilbane
  • 2003
    • Grand Marshal - Eamonn D'Arcy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary O'Donnell Hayes
    • Outside Co-Chair - Harry Simon*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Rasa M. Chambers
  • 2004
    • Grand Marshal - James Patrick Caffrey*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anne O'Donnell Mulloy*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Nell Buckley
    • Inside Co-Chair - Frank Hoban
  • 2005
    • Grand Marshal - Helen Malloy
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Patricia Campbell*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Kevin McGinty
    • Inside Co-Chair - Linda Hannon
  • 2006
    • Grand Marshal - Bill Carney
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Joan Cavanaugh*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Gerald Quinn
    • Inside Co-Chair - Ed Morrow
  • 2007
    • Grand Marshal - Stephen L. Mulloy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Ellen Boland
    • Outside Co-Chair - Kathy Whitford
    • Inside Co-Chair - Mary Alice Fitzgerald
  • 2008
    • Grand Marshal - John Campbell*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Kathleen Hough
    • Outside Co-Chair - Norine Hastings
    • Inside Co-Chair - Michael Keenan
  • 2009
    • Grand Marshal - Tom Reynolds*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Shirley Chambers
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. James P. O'Donnell
    • Inside Co-Chair - Maire Leffel
  • 2010
    • Grand Marshal - John Hayes*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bonnie McNally
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. Thomas Johns
    • Inside Co-Chair - Shannon Corcoran
  • 2011
    • Grand Marshal - Gerry Quinn
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Kathleen Lackey Sheehan
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. Thomas Mahoney
    • Inside Co-Chair - Sheila Murphy Crawford
  • 2012
    • Grand Marshal - Walter J. "Mickey" McNally
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Vera Casey
    • Outside Co-Chair - William G. Chambers
    • Inside Co-Chair - Una O'Leary Escolas
  • 2013
    • Grand Marshal - Kevin McGinty
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Una Ellis
    • Outside Co-Chair - Daniel B. Chambers
    • Inside Co-Chair - Timothy Leahy
  • 2014
    • Grand Marshal  - Andy Dever
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bridie Joyce
    • Outside Co-Chair - Mark Owens
    • Inside Co-Chair -  John O'Brien Jr.
  • 2015
    • Grand Marshal - Daniel M. Corcoran*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Patricia Hollywood
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. Bob Begin
    • Inside Co-Chair - Maire O'Leary Manning
  • 2016
    • Grand Marshal - Jack Coyne
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bridget McIntyre
    • Outside Co-Chair - Teresa Reilly Kowalski
    • Inside Co-Chair - John Myers
    *Past Honoree Has Been Called Home