2015 Honorees
Grand Marshal Daniel M. Corcoran
Irish Mother Patricia Hollywood
Parade Co Chairs Fr. Bob Begin
Parade Co Chair Maire O'Leary Manning

2014 Honorees
Andrew Dever
2014 Grand Marshal

Andrew (Andy) Dever was born in Bollinglanna, Currane County Mayo Ireland on December 26, 1932. He is the 2nd youngest of 6; sisters Bridget, Mary, Catherine and brothers Michael and William. He spent his early years helping the family on their small farm.In his teens, he joined the exodus of Irish to work in England for a construction company. He received a contract to do work in Australia. He meet his future wife, Margaret Lachlan. They were married at All Saints Church in London, England. In July 1958, the Devers arrived in Cleveland. Soon after arriving, Andy took a position with Arrow International and later the Stadard Brewing Company. In 1965, he established Dever and Sons a small construction and concrete business,  Andy is a lifetime member of Local 310.

Andy and Margaret are the proud parents of 9:Patricia(deceased), A. Steven, Doreen A. Papajcik, Catherine Coyne, Michael W., Annemarie Patton, John P.,Kevin J. and William A. proud grandparents of 23: Jim, Joe and Anne Coyne, Philip Papajcik, Connor, Katie and Edward Patton, Victoria, Samantha, Monica, Andrew, Maggie, Grace, Michael, Gabriella, Aidan, Emily, Jack, MaryRyan, Joe, Bridget, Kevin and Molly Dever.
Andy is an active member of the West Side Irish American Club  St. Jarlath’s Gaelic Football Club and the Mayo Society. At the West Side Irish American Club, he has worked in many projects, including the construction of the pavilion , Gaelic Football Field and pouring concrete for the parking lots and sidewalks. He is a member of the Cleveland-Achill Twinning which recently celebrated the 10th Anniversary in 2013. He is a strong supporter of arts and culture, tourism, education and business opportunities between Ireland and the USA. Andy has been an active member of St. Luke’s and St. Angela’s Catholic Parishes. He enjoys a good card game, golf and spending time with his family. Andy looks forwards to his frequent visits back to his home in Currane and Margaret’s home in Brisbane, Australia.

Andy has participated in St. Patrick’s Day Parade for 49 years. The West Side Irish American Club honored him as the 2010 Man of the Year.

Bridie Joyce
2014 Irish Mother of the Year

Bridie was born to Martin and Bridget McCarthy Jennings in Currarevough, Finney, County Galway. She immigrated to the United States in 1956. Bridie worked as a waitress at Stouffers Restaurant, Top of the Town and Pier W. Bridie married Terry Joyce at St. Ignatius Church in 1964.
Family is the most important part of Bridie’s life. The late Terry and Bridie are the proud parents of 3::Maureen, Eileen O’Donnell(John) and Terry Og(Nikki); proud grandparents of 4: Brona, Eoin and Cormac O’Donnell and Aislinn Joyce. The Joyce children and grandchildren have continued to preserve their Irish culture through their participating in Irish Dancing and West Side Irish American Club activities.

Bridie is a member of the West Side Irish American Club, Irish American Club East Side, Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians and a Delegate to the United Irish Societies of Cleveland. In 1993, she was honored as the Woman of the Year by the West Side Irish American Club. An honor which was well deserved, as she has spent countless hours volunteering at club events including the Coordinator for the Parade Marching Units for 22 years.  In 2001, Bridie was honored as the St. Patrick’s Parade Co-Chair by the United Irish  Societies. The ministry of Fr. Jim O’Donnell is very important to her. She serves as the Co-Chair for the Annual Fundraiser for the Little Brothers and Sisters of the Eucharist. She is a staunch supporter of all Irish events. Bridie Joyce is an exemplary Irish woman and a proud Irish mother.

John O'Brien Jr
2014 St. Patrick's Day Parade  Inside Co-Chair

John Francis O’Brien Jr was born on November 22, 1965, the youngest  child of John  
and Eileen. He has 3 older sisters, Noreen, Cathy and Patricia and is the proud uncle of 17.John attended St. Mel Grade School, St. Ignatius High School and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Dayton. He is employed by the Cuyahoga County Executive Office and serves as the spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office.
John was a member of the Celtic Broom Hockey Team, St. Pat’s and St. Jarlath’s Gaelic Football Clubs. He is a member of the West Side Irish American Club,Rose of Tralee Northern Ohio Committee, Sean Moore Memorial Irish Vocal Scholarship Committee, Irish Network Cleveland, North American Irish and Celtic Festival Organizers and the Irish Famine Memorial Committee. John is the Deputy Director of the Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival. He has organized over 200 exhibits covering the land, events, people and places of Ireland for the Cultural Hall at the Irish Cultural Festival. He serves as the Delegate to the United Irish Societies for the Festival.

He is the author of “Festival Legends... Songs and Stories”, a historical chronicle of Irish performers and “First Generation”  of original poetry about the Irish American Immigrant experience. John published a Cleveland Irish Directory and is the  Co-Publisher and editor of the Ohio Irish News.. He won First Place at the Irish Books, Arts and Music Showcase for his poem “ Vacant Chair” and was honored as one of the Top Irish Americans in 2011.

Mark Owens
2014 St. Patrick's Day Parade Outside Co-Chair

Mark Owens is originally from Derry City, Ireland and is the oldest son of Bryan and Paula and is brother to Joanne, Julie and Michael. He is married to Maria (Mezera) and they have 2 wonderful children Lillian and Eamon; they currently reside in Rocky River and are members of St. Christopher’s Church. Mark attended John Carroll University on a business scholarship in 1998 then moved permanently to the Cleveland area in April of 2001, becoming a citizen in 2011. Mark recently became the new Director of Marketing for Skylight Financial Group. 

Despite a short time in the area he and his family have become actively involved in the Irish community, in particular with the West Side Irish American Club where he has served on the board and of course with Cleveland St Pat's Gaelic Football Club of which he has served as club Chairman since 2007. More recently Mark spearheaded a successful campaign on behalf of Cleveland St Pat’s to bring (and run) the North American Gaelic Games Championships to Cleveland. The Games were held over Labor Day weekend and drew close to 110 teams from all over the US, Canada and the Cayman Islands, and are widely seen as the most successful Games in recent history. Mark and his wife Maria put in a countless amount of time and energy to ensure that Cleveland's reputation for Irish sport, hospitality and entertainment were reflected at the national level; and the dedication paid off.  The Gaelic Games were an event to remember, and most all participants left asking when they would be back to Cleveland. In keeping with his GAA involvement he has served as the Chairman of the Midwest GAA for the past 5 years and is currently the Public Relations Officer for the North American GAA Board.

Over the years Mark has chaired multiple events at the WSIA and with his wife they host the popular monthly Pub Quiz for members. Mark is one of the founding members of the Cleveland Irish Network, a business group launched in August of this year in the area with the goal of bringing Irish/Irish-American business owners and associates together. In addition, he pens a monthly sports article called “Owens Sports”, for the Ohio Irish American News. He has sat on various boards over the years and currently serves on the Associate Board of the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission, specifically dealing with community development. In his spare time Mark loves to simply spend time with his family and is known to be an avid sports fan, in particular following and playing Gaelic football and soccer.

Past Honorees

  • 1958
    • Grand Marshal - John J. O'Malley*
  • 1959
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick J. O'Malley*
  • 1960
    • Grand Marshal - John T. English*
    • Outside Co-Chair - William F. Chambers*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Raymond J. Reilly*
  • 1961
    • Grand Marshal - William J. Cannon*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James P. Conway*
    • Inside Co-Chair - William T. Monroe
  • 1962
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas E. McDonald*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James J. Lynch*
    • Inside Co-Chair - James M. Lynch*
  • 1963
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick T. Lynch*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Celia Carney*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James T. Kilbane*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Joseph P. Rochford*
  • 1964
    • Grand Marshal - Michael McGlynn*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Margaret Spellacy*
    • Outside Co-Chair - William F. Sweeney
    • Inside Co-Chair - Martin J. Cooney*
  • 1965
    • Grand Marshal - Arthur McChrystal*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Agnes Chambers*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James T. Breslin*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Augustine Boland*
  • 1966
    • Grand Marshal - James T. Kilbane*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Margaret Browne*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Ignatius E. McIntyre*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Mary V. McNeeley*
  • 1967
    • Grand Marshal - James M. Lynch*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Catherine Kline*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Daniel L. Berry*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Mary E. Reynolds*
  • 1968
    • Grand Marshal - John E. Ryan*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bridget Boland*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Thomas J. Barrett, MD*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Eamon D'Arcy
  • 1969
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas Scott*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Elizabeth Kenny*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Hon. Michael A. Sweeney*
    • Inside Co-Chair - James E. Murray*
  • 1970
    • Grand Marshal - James J. Boland*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bernadette Murphy*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Thomas Coughlin*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Thomas Byrne*
  • 1971
    • Grand Marshal - Michael B. Comer*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anna Esther Kilbane*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Thomas F. Campbell, PhD*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Mary B. Cook
  • 1972
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick T. Duffy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Beatrice Lynch*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Canon Liam J. Kitt
    • Inside Co-Chair - Patrick J. O'Malley*
  • 1973
    • Grand Marshal - Hon. George J. McMonagle*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Reynolds*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James B. Mooney
    • Inside Co-Chair - Patrick W. O'Malley*
  • 1974
    • Grand Marshal - John P. McNea*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anna Sweeney*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James W. McGorray*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Ralph Connor*
  • 1975
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick J. Byrnes*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anna Rita Kilbane*
    • Outside Co-Chair - William J. Kiernan*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Oliver E. Murphy*
  • 1976
    • Grand Marshal - James M. Carney*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Delia McIntyre*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Patrick J. Gallagher*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Edward J. Campbell*
  • 1977
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas F. McManamon Sr.
    • Outside Co-Chair - Peter D. Corrigan, MD*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Frank M. Sheehan*
  • 1978
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick J. McGeever*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Delia Gibbons*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John J. Gill
    • Inside Co-Chair - Maura Dowdall
  • 1979
    • Grand Marshal - Bryan Kilbane (In Memoriam)*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Loretta Prendergast*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James P. Reynolds*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Margaret Mylett
  • 1980
    • Grand Marshal - Oliver E. Murphy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Howard O'Malley*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Hon. Ann McManamon
    • Inside Co-Chair - Thomas J. Reynolds
  • 1981
    • Grand Marshal - Canon Liam J. Kitt
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Nora Hastings*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Hon. John V. Corrigan*
    • Inside Co-Chair - John Coyne*
  • 1982
    • Grand Marshal - Martin L. McLaughlin*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Beatrice McIntyre*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John P. Coyne
    • Inside Co-Chair - Michael G. Lavelle*
  • 1983
    • Grand Marshal - Michael McGarry*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anne Grey*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Terrence Joyce*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Edmund P. Byrne*
  • 1984
    • Grand Marshal - John T. Patton Sr.*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Terese Hurley
    • Outside Co-Chair - Leo P. D'Arcy
    • Inside Co-Chair - Deneen C. O'Reilly
  • 1985
    • Grand Marshal - John O'Neill*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Ursula Lynch*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John O'Brien
    • Inside Co-Chair - Patrick T. Murphy
  • 1986
    • Grand Marshal - Michael Roddy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary O'Neill*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Kevin W. Reynolds
    • Inside Co-Chair - Eileen A. Reynolds
  • 1987
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas McCaffrey*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Hanna Byrnes*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John F. McGarry
    • Inside Co-Chair - Daniel M. Corcoran
  • 1988
    • Grand Marshal - Owen R. Quinn*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bridget Birney*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Richard A. Walton
    • Inside Co-Chair - Walter J. McNally
  • 1989
    • Grand Marshal - Hon. Gerald T. McFaul
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Angela Kerrigan*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Roger S. Weist
    • Inside Co-Chair - Stephen L.. Mulloy*
  • 1990
    • Grand Marshal - James P. Reynolds*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Noreen Garriga
    • Outside Co-Chair - Sean Anthony Boland*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Margaret A. Lackey
  • 1991
    • Grand Marshal - John B. Quinn*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Kathleen Cooney*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Thomas O'Neill*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Peter B. Hannon
  • 1992
    • Grand Marshal - Terry Joyce*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bette Berry
    • Outside Co-Chair - John Togher
    • Inside Co-Chair - Robert E. Hearns*
  • 1993
    • Grand Marshal - Alphonsus O'Leary
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Julia Burke*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Helen C. Malloy
    • Inside Co-Chair - Thomas J. Ross*
  • 1994
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas Byrne*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Nora Jordan
    • Outside Co-Chair - John J. Hennessy*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Marilyn Madigan
  • 1995
    • Grand Marshal - Edward Campbell*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Pauline Gallagher*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Paul Gallagher*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Rita Lally
  • 1996
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas Ross*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Eileen Hennessy*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John Campbell*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Toby Haffey*
  • 1997
    • Grand Marshal - Joseph Boland*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Celine O'Leary
    • Outside Co-Chair - Dennis Dunn*
    • Inside Co-Chair - James Kilbane
  • 1998
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick T. Kilbane
    • Irish Mother of the Year - May Moore Keenan
    • Outside Co-Chair - Sr. Maureen Burke SND
    • Inside Co-Chair - Bonnie K. McNally
  • 1999
    • Grand Marshal - Raymond "Rip" Reilly*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Kilbane
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. J. Brendan McNulty
    • Inside Co-Chair - John Togher
  • 2000
    • Grand Marshal - William Chambers*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Nora Carr*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James McGuirk
    • Inside Co-Chair - Linda Carney
  • 2001
    • Grand Marshal - Lonnie McCauley*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Sara McLaughlin
    • Outside Co-Chair - Bridget Boland*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Bridie Joyce
  • 2002
    • Grand Marshal - Frank Sheehan*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Hastings-McCluskey
    • Outside Co-Chair - Pat Dowd
    • Inside Co-Chair - Tom Kilbane
  • 2003
    • Grand Marshal - Eamonn D'Arcy
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary O'Donnell Hayes
    • Outside Co-Chair - Harry Simon*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Rasa M. Chambers
  • 2004
    • Grand Marshal - James Patrick Caffrey
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anne O'Donnell Mulloy
    • Outside Co-Chair - Nell Buckley
    • Inside Co-Chair - Frank Hoban
  • 2005
    • Grand Marshal - Helen Malloy
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Patricia Campbell*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Kevin McGinty
    • Inside Co-Chair - Linda Hannon
  • 2006
    • Grand Marshal - Bill Carney
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Joan Cavanaugh*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Gerald Quinn
    • Inside Co-Chair - Ed Morrow
  • 2007
    • Grand Marshal - Stephen L. Mulloy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Ellen Boland
    • Outside Co-Chair - Kathy Whitford
    • Inside Co-Chair - Mary Alice Fitzgerald
  • 2008
    • Grand Marshal - John Campbell*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Kathleen Hough
    • Outside Co-Chair - Norine Hastings
    • Inside Co-Chair - Michael Keenan
  • 2009
    • Grand Marshal - Tom Reynolds
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Shirley Chambers
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. James P. O'Donnell
    • Inside Co-Chair - Maire Leffel
  • 2010
    • Grand Marshal - John Hayes*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bonnie McNally
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. Thomas Johns
    • Inside Co-Chair - Shannon Corcoran
  • 2011
    • Grand Marshal - Gerry Quinn
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Kathleen Lackey Sheehan
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. Thomas Mahoney
    • Inside Co-Chair - Sheila Murphy Crawford
  • 2012
    • Grand Marshal - Walter J. "Mickey" McNally
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Vera Casey
    • Outside Co-Chair - William G. Chambers
    • Inside Co-Chair - Una O'Leary Escolas
  • 2013
    • Grand Marshal - Kevin McGinty
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Una Ellis
    • Outside Co-Chair - Daniel B. Chambers
    • Inside Co-Chair - Timothy Leahy