2022 Honorees

Grand Marshal - Thomas F. McManamon Jr.

Irish Mother of the Year - Rita Lally

Inside Co-Chair - Patricia Coleman Lavelle

Outside Co-Chair - Eileen Mangan Stull

Thomas F. McManamon Jr.
2022 Grand Marshal

Tom was born January 10, 1947 to Thomas & Patricia Cahill McManamon.  He is the oldest of six sons along with brothers Terry, Tim, Ted, Tracy & Todd.  Tom’s father was one of the original organizers of the United Irish Societies of Greater Cleveland in 1958 and the first Executive Director from 1958 to 1963.  Tom’s father served as Grand Marshal in 1977.  This is the first time that a father and son have been Grand Marshall of the Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Tom and his two next oldest brothers marched in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in 1954 wearing costumes hand made by their mother, a photograph of them still circulates today beginning with the 1959 St. Patrick’s Day Parade which was organized on the family dining room table, all or most calls came to the one phone in the family home, until about 1965.

Tom attended St. Mark School in Cleveland’s West Park neighborhood as did all his brothers, graduating with honors.  He was an altar boy beginning in the fourth grade and served all through high school.

He attended St. Edward High School in Lakewood, Ohio and graduated very near the top of his class in 1965.

Upon graduation he served in the United States Air Force and served most of his time at Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base in Korat Thailand.  Shortly before he separated from the Air Force, Tom married his high school sweet heart Jackie Fiocca on August 23, 1969 and they have been married 52 years.  Tom & Jackie have three adult children, Kim, TJ & Patrick and have eight grandchildren ranging in age from 25 to 8 years of age.

Tom joined his father’s insurance business in 1970, shortly after separating from the Air Force.

Tom has been an active member of the Parade Committee since September 1970 and served as Executive Director from 2001 to 2004.

Rita Lally
2022 Irish Mother of the Year

Rita Lally’s love of her Catholic faith, family, community and Irish heritage was born on the southeast side of Cleveland where she attended Holy Name Church/Grade School and Holy Name High School along with her family of 6 siblings.  Fifty-four years ago, Rita married her high school sweetheart John Lally.  They eventually moved to the west side of Cleveland where they raised two daughters, Meegan (married to Scott Spicer) and Sarah (married to Michael Pap).  They are the proud grandparents of 6 grandchildren.  Rita retired from the City of Lakewood where she served the surrounding community by assisting in the administration of community development programs.

Rita and her family have been involved in the Cleveland Irish community for over 45 years.  She has greatly enjoyed being a member of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians where she continues to develop her faith, commitment of service to others, Irish heritage, and where she is actively engaged in various leadership roles.  Rita has also enjoyed her involvement with the Greater Cleveland Feis Society, the United Irish Societies of Greater Cleveland, the Cleveland Gaelic League, and the Cannon/Kish Irish Dance School where both of her daughters danced until graduating from Magnificat.  Rita and John have been members of the West Side Irish American Club where Rita assisted John in chairing the St. Patrick’s Day Dance and the annual WSIA Club picnic for 20 years.  Rita also spent countless hours working to develop a database system for the WSIA which is still used extensively at the Club today.  They have enjoyed watching their daughters and grandchildren participate in the WSIA majorette, fife and drum, pom-pom and ladies drill team units.  They have also enjoyed watching their daughter and son-in-law play Gaelic football at the WSIA for St. Pat’s and St. Jarlath’s.  Rita has proudly marched on St. Patrick’s Day, and was particularly honored to do so in 1995 when she was honored as a Co-Chair of the Parade.  Rita’s involvement in and appreciation for the Irish community has carved the path and inspired her family to continue this love for their Irish heritage.

Rita always puts others before herself, and that is especially true when it comes to her family, children and grandchildren.  In response to her daughter, Sarah, being interested in traditional music, Rita became actively involved in the Cleveland Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann Chapter, and was instrumental in opening the Irish Music Academy of Cleveland.  These efforts were a “breath of life” for traditional Irish music in Cleveland, which resulted in a very special connection between Cleveland musicians across multigenerations throughout the city.  In the 90s, Rita encouraged and chaperoned her daughter, along with many young Cleveland musicians, to compete at local and international music competitions, including, the Fleadh Cheoil in Ireland.  Rita’s efforts to foster this growth and love of Irish music in Cleveland is still alive and well today, and especially can be seen with her daughter and grandchildren who regularly play in weekly Irish music sessions.  Similarly, in response to her daughter, Meegan, being interested in Irish dancing, Rita became actively involved in their Irish dance school establishing a Parents Association which sponsored activities to enhance the experience of the dancers.  She and her family traveled (sometimes nearly every weekend) to compete at feisanna and major Irish dance competitions.  Rita was a member of adult Ceili dance teams competing in Pre-Feis competitions throughout the Midwest.  Rita’s efforts to foster this love of Irish dancing can be seen today in her grandchildren who have danced for The Leneghan Academy of Irish Dance (Maeve Spicer) and the Brady Campbell Irish Dance School (Charlotte, Steven and Laura Pap).  Rita’s commitment to her family, community and hard work is indicative of all that makes the Irish great and, particularly successful in Cleveland.  On most weekends, Rita can be seen taking care of her grandchildren, going to MANY of their sporting events and Irish dance competitions, and taking care of her aging siblings.

Rita is truly the “wind beneath the wings” of all her family members.  Her generous spirit of caring, sacrifice and support seems endless.  She is always willing to offer her time, support and talents whenever needed, and she never asks for recognition or anything in return.  She is truly honored to be named “The 2022 Irish Mother of the Year”.

Patricia Coleman Lavelle
2022 Inside Co-Chair

Patricia Lavelle of North Olmsted, Ohio, is the daughter of Joseph and Florence Coleman.  The Coleman’s raised their six children in St. Vincent De Paul’s parish and Patricia graduated from Holy Name High School.

Patricia married Gerry Lavelle and with their instant family of Kathleen, Michael, and Stephen, lovingly welcomed Elizabeth and Mary Bridget.  Unfortunately, Our Lord a few years later had plans for Gerry and welcomed him home in 1986.  Always striving for self-improvement Patricia went back to school and earned an Associate’s Degree in Accounting, Suma Cum Lade.

Pat followed her grandfather, Edward Coleman’s footsteps in the Ancient Order of Hibernians.  As a member of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians Patricia has served as the LAOH Division 5/10 President and working diligently with the members, the division was re-named Our Lady of the Rosary.  She is currently the editor of the Hibernian Newsletter, holds the office of President, and Treasurer for both the Division and AOH/LAOH Ways and Means, and represents the LAOH with the United Irish Societies.  As a UIS Delegate and with the help of Maureen Mohney and Rasa Chambers, Pat has taken on the responsibility of producing the annual St. Patrick’s Day Program Book.

As Co-Chair of the Hibernian 2021 Ohio State Convention working with all the Committees and the theme of FUN in 2021, not only was it a great time, it gave the Hibernians an opportunity to showcase our wonderful City and surrounding areas.  Pat has been a long time Co-Chair of the Hibernians Annual Reverse Raffle just recently celebrating its 44th year.  Also known as the Shenanigator she extends the FUN theme by keeping the Hibernians up to date of the various Irish events around town with her HARP (Hibernians Attending Regional Performances) emails.

Patricia enjoys all Cleveland Sports, Ohio State Football, swimming, attending Irish festivals anywhere, a good cup of tea, warm slippers, chocolate, spending time with friends and family, and all things relating to Peter Pan.  Among these hobbies, Patricia has been active with the West Side Irish American Club throughout her adult life.  Each year she marches with the Ladies Drill Team in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  Also, she can often be found tending bar in the pub on a Friday evening.  Twice each year on Palm Sunday and Holy Saturday, she highlights the children’s Easter Bunny breakfast and Hibernian Easter Egg Hunt when she dons her Easter Bunny costume, poses for scores of pictures, hugs, waves and hands out treats to all the kids.  Additionally, Pat is also a volunteer with Irish American Archives, greeting and registering guests for its various events and a committee member of Fr. Jim O’Donnell’s Annual Fundraiser.

You may not “see” or “hear” Patricia, but she is always there.  She has been instrumental to the growth of the Hibernians Organization and a true pleasure to work with.

Patricia is truly honored to be recognized as the United Irish Societies 2022 St. Patrick’s Day Inside Co-Chair.

Eileen Mangan Stull
2022 Outside Co-Chair

Eileen Mangan Stull, an indomitable spirit, a ready hand, and a warm, “Hello!” are trademarks of the very familiar Eileen Mangan Stull.  It’s with that commitment and open willingness that Eileen has approached every turn of her life.  The eldest of seven children, she was a natural leader as she stepped in as a true mother’s helper, caring for the younger ones, often reading to them, teaching letters, numbers, and words: a vision of what was to come.  All seven siblings were dancers.  Eileen assisted Tessie with the beginner dancers at the Burke School of Irish dance.  While her brothers and sisters won many medals at feisiana, Eileen only won medals in group dances.  Yet, her love of Irish dance brought her back to helping Tessie for another 35 years.  Eileen also taught adults basic steps and ceilis for many years at Darby O’Tooles and St. Clarence.  During this time, she also danced competitively in adult ceilis under the direction of Una Ellis, Bobby Masterson, and Kathleen McGinty.  Eileen took over the competition adult teams when the other teachers were not available.  There are plenty of funny stories of the adventures of these well-known Cleveland adult dancers!  She was also a member of the famous Cleveland Straw Boys known for inviting themselves to crash and entertain at various Irish weddings, anniversaries and other events.

Eileen attended Catholic schools from first grade at St. Mel and graduation from St. Joseph Academy and Ursuline College.  She was often involved in school-sponsored community service projects such as food drives and youth tutoring while serving as a class officer in high school and college.  She worked part-time at the offices of local businesses and schools, provided childcare for a list of regular clients, some of whom she accompanied on vacations as a trusted and valued part of the family.  Her college major, Education, was not a surprise; it was evident her love of children and teaching was a vocation.  Cleveland Diocesan Catholic and Cleveland Metropolitan Schools both benefited from her energy and inventiveness in the classroom.  Eileen was an elementary teacher for 21 years and an elementary principal for an additional 20 years.  This time also reconnected her to Irish dance and culture when her own three children, Liam, Catherine and Fiona were introduced to and excelled in traditional Irish dancing under the direction of Tessie Burke.  Once again Eileen was invited to assist with teaching the youngest dancers, both solos and groups and running innumerable dance shows throughout the community.  She was lovingly known for her story of seeing a leprechaun in Ireland as a child with her grandparents – proving that leprechauns are real!  Her volunteering fired her passion for all things Irish and spurred travel opportunities to Ireland and her involvement with the West Side Irish American Club and their various events and groups, particularly supervising countless numbers of children in junior marching units and Little Bridgies for the Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  She annually volunteered as a stage manager at both the Cleveland Feis and Irish Cultural Festival for over 20 years.  Miss Eileen, as she is known to the children, has a natural collegiality that charmed families, competitors, musicians and adjudicators, many who came to call her friend.

Not ignoring the practice and development of her Catholic faith, she has served her home parish, St. Mel, as both a Eucharistic Minister and Lector for about 30 years hoping that her involvement will spur the evangelization of more Catholics.

After retiring as a school principal, and due to physical limitations, Eileen stepped back from the demands of the marching units but has continued her dedication to Irish dance and has experienced the unique joy of teaching her own grandchildren.  She’s transitioned from “feis mom” to “feis grandma,” and can be found stage side throughout the Midwestern US, encouraging her “littles” and conducting run-throughs.  Likewise she maintains her membership at the WSIA where she was Woman of the Year in 2010, still invested in her beloved Cleveland Irish Community.  Her consistent and tireless efforts have enriched every organization to which she’s belonged and impacted those individuals with her generous and gracious giving.  Eileen may be seen not only supporting Hibernian events but also the WSIA, the Cleveland Feis and the Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival.

Past Honorees

  • 1958
    • Grand Marshal - John J. O'Malley*
  • 1959
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick J. O'Malley*
  • 1960
    • Grand Marshal - John T. English*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Raymond J. Reilly*
    • Outside Co-Chair - William F. Chambers*
  • 1961
    • Grand Marshal - William J. Cannon*
    • Inside Co-Chair - William T. Monroe
    • Outside Co-Chair - James P. Conway*
  • 1962
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas E. McDonald*
    • Inside Co-Chair - James M. Lynch*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James J. Lynch*
  • 1963
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick T. Lynch*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Celia Carney*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Joseph P. Rochford*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James T. Kilbane*
  • 1964
    • Grand Marshal - Michael McGlynn*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Margaret Spellacy*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Martin J. Cooney*
    • Outside Co-Chair - William F. Sweeney
  • 1965
    • Grand Marshal - Arthur McChrystal*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Agnes Chambers*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Augustine Boland*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James T. Breslin*
  • 1966
    • Grand Marshal - James T. Kilbane*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Margaret Browne*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Mary V. McNeeley*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Ignatius E. McIntyre*
  • 1967
    • Grand Marshal - James M. Lynch*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Catherine Kline*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Mary E. Reynolds*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Daniel L. Berry*
  • 1968
    • Grand Marshal - John E. Ryan*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bridget Boland*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Eamon D'Arcy*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Thomas J. Barrett, MD*
  • 1969
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas Scott*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Elizabeth Kenny*
    • Inside Co-Chair - James E. Murray*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Hon. Michael A. Sweeney*
  • 1970
    • Grand Marshal - James J. Boland*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bernadette Murphy*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Thomas Byrne*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Thomas Coughlin*
  • 1971
    • Grand Marshal - Michael B. Comer*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anna Esther Kilbane*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Mary B. Cook
    • Outside Co-Chair - Thomas F. Campbell, PhD*
  • 1972
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick T. Duffy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Beatrice Lynch*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Patrick J. O'Malley*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Canon Liam J. Kitt*
  • 1973
    • Grand Marshal - Hon. George J. McMonagle*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Reynolds*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Patrick W. O'Malley*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James B. Mooney
  • 1974
    • Grand Marshal - John P. McNea*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anna Sweeney*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Ralph Connor*
    • Outside Co-Chair - James W. McGorray*
  • 1975
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick J. Byrnes*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anna Rita Kilbane*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Oliver E. Murphy*
    • Outside Co-Chair - William J. Kiernan*
  • 1976
    • Grand Marshal - James M. Carney*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Delia McIntyre*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Edward J. Campbell*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Patrick J. Gallagher*
  • 1977
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas F. McManamon Sr.
    • Outside Co-Chair - Peter D. Corrigan, MD*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Frank M. Sheehan*
  • 1978
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick J. McGeever*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Delia Gibbons*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Maura Dowdall
    • Outside Co-Chair - John J. Gill
  • 1979
    • Grand Marshal - Bryan Kilbane (In Memoriam)*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Loretta Prendergast*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Margaret Mylett
    • Outside Co-Chair - James P. Reynolds*
  • 1980
    • Grand Marshal - Oliver E. Murphy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Howard O'Malley*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Thomas J. Reynolds*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Hon. Ann McManamon
  • 1981
    • Grand Marshal - Canon Liam J. Kitt*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Nora Hastings*
    • Inside Co-Chair - John Coyne*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Hon. John V. Corrigan*
  • 1982
    • Grand Marshal - Martin L. McLaughlin*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Beatrice McIntyre*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Michael G. Lavelle*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John P. Coyne
  • 1983
    • Grand Marshal - Michael McGarry*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anne Grey*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Edmund P. Byrne*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Terrence Joyce*
  • 1984
    • Grand Marshal - John T. Patton Sr.*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Terese Hurley*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Deneen C. O'Reilly
    • Outside Co-Chair - Leo P. D'Arcy
  • 1985
    • Grand Marshal - John O'Neill*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Ursula Lynch*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Patrick T. Murphy
    • Outside Co-Chair - John O'Brien
  • 1986
    • Grand Marshal - Michael Roddy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary O'Neill*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Eileen A. Reynolds
    • Outside Co-Chair - Kevin W. Reynolds
  • 1987
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas McCaffrey*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Hanna Byrnes*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Daniel M. Corcoran*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John F. McGarry
  • 1988
    • Grand Marshal - Owen R. Quinn*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bridget Birney*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Walter J. McNally
    • Outside Co-Chair - Richard A. Walton
  • 1989
    • Grand Marshal - Hon. Gerald T. McFaul
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Angela Kerrigan*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Stephen L. Mulloy*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Roger S. Weist*
  • 1990
    • Grand Marshal - James P. Reynolds*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Noreen Garriga
    • Inside Co-Chair - Margaret A. Lackey
    • Outside Co-Chair - Sean Anthony Boland*
  • 1991
    • Grand Marshal - John B. Quinn*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Kathleen Cooney*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Peter B. Hannon
    • Outside Co-Chair - Thomas O'Neill*
  • 1992
    • Grand Marshal - Terry Joyce*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bette Berry*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Robert E. Hearns*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John Togher*
  • 1993
    • Grand Marshal - Alphonsus O'Leary
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Julia Burke*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Thomas J. Ross*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Helen C. Malloy
  • 1994
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas Byrne*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Nora Jordan*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Marilyn Madigan
    • Outside Co-Chair - John J. Hennessy*
  • 1995
    • Grand Marshal - Edward Campbell*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Pauline Gallagher*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Rita Lally
    • Outside Co-Chair - Paul Gallagher*
  • 1996
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas Ross*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Eileen Hennessy*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Toby Haffey*
    • Outside Co-Chair - John Campbell*
  • 1997
    • Grand Marshal - Joseph Boland*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Celine O'Leary
    • Inside Co-Chair - James Kilbane
    • Outside Co-Chair - Dennis Dunn*
  • 1998
    • Grand Marshal - Patrick T. Kilbane*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mae Moore Keenan*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Bonnie K. McNally
    • Outside Co-Chair - Sr. Maureen Burke SND
  • 1999
    • Grand Marshal - Raymond "Rip" Reilly*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Kilbane*
    • Inside Co-Chair - John J. Togher
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. J. Brendan McNulty
  • 2000
    • Grand Marshal - William Chambers*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Nora Carr*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Linda Carney
    • Outside Co-Chair - James McGuirk
  • 2001
    • Grand Marshal - Lonnie McCauley*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Sara McLaughlin
    • Inside Co-Chair - Bridie Joyce
    • Outside Co-Chair - Bridget Boland*
  • 2002
    • Grand Marshal - Frank Sheehan*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Hastings-McCluskey
    • Inside Co-Chair - Tom Kilbane
    • Outside Co-Chair - Pat Dowd
  • 2003
    • Grand Marshal - Eamonn D'Arcy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary O'Donnell Hayes*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Rasa M. Chambers
    • Outside Co-Chair - Harry Simon*
  • 2004
    • Grand Marshal - James Patrick Caffrey*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Anne O'Donnell Mulloy*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Frank Hoban*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Nell Buckley
  • 2005
    • Grand Marshal - Helen Malloy
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Patricia Campbell*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Linda Hannon
    • Outside Co-Chair - Kevin McGinty*
  • 2006
    • Grand Marshal - Bill Carney*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Joan Cavanaugh*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Ed Morrow*
    • Outside Co-Chair - Gerald Quinn
  • 2007
    • Grand Marshal - Stephen L. Mulloy*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Mary Ellen Boland
    • Inside Co-Chair - Mary Alice Fitzgerald
    • Outside Co-Chair - Kathy Whitford
  • 2008
    • Grand Marshal - John Campbell*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Kathleen Hough
    • Inside Co-Chair - Michael Keenan
    • Outside Co-Chair - Norine Hastings
  • 2009
    • Grand Marshal - Tom Reynolds*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Shirley Chambers
    • Inside Co-Chair - Maire Leffel
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. James P. O'Donnell
  • 2010
    • Grand Marshal - John Hayes*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bonnie McNally
    • Inside Co-Chair - Shannon Corcoran
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. Thomas Johns
  • 2011
    • Grand Marshal - Gerry Quinn
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Kathleen Lackey Sheehan
    • Inside Co-Chair - Sheila Murphy Crawford
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. Thomas Mahoney
  • 2012
    • Grand Marshal - Walter J. "Mickey" McNally
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Vera Casey
    • Inside Co-Chair - Una O'Leary Escolas
    • Outside Co-Chair - William G. Chambers
  • 2013
    • Grand Marshal - Kevin McGinty*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Una Ellis*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Timothy Leahy
    • Outside Co-Chair - Daniel B. Chambers
  • 2014
    • Grand Marshal  - Andy Dever
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bridie Joyce
    • Inside Co-Chair -  John O'Brien Jr.
    • Outside Co-Chair - Mark Owens
  • 2015
    • Grand Marshal - Daniel M. Corcoran*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Patricia Hollywood
    • Inside Co-Chair - Maire O'Leary Manning
    • Outside Co-Chair - Fr. Bob Begin
  • 2016
    • Grand Marshal - Jack Coyne
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Bridget McIntyre
    • Inside Co-Chair - John Myers
    • Outside Co-Chair - Teresa Reilly Kowalski
  • 2017
    • Grand Marshal - Roger S. Weist*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Angela Murphy*
    • Inside Co-Chair - Margaret Lynch
    • Outside Co-Chair - John Patrick Lackey
  • 2018
    • Grand Marshal - Sheila Murphy Crawford
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Joan (Hartnett) Reali
    • Inside Co-Chair - Noreen Halley
    • Outside Co-Chair - Linda Burke
  • 2019
    • Grand Marshal - William "Bill" Homan
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Eileen Kilroy
    • Inside Co-Chair - Patti Maher Hanrahan
    • Outside Co-Chair - Sr. Corita Ambro
  • 2020
    • Grand Marshal - Thomas J. Scanlon*
    • Irish Mother of the Year - Kathleen Mangan
    • Inside Co-Chair - Maureen Mohney
    • Outside Co-Chair - Christopher Cooper
  • 2021
    • No New Honorees Selected
      *Past Honoree Has Been Called Home